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US Supreme Court rules in Hollingsworth v. Perry

Explaining in Hollingsworth v. Perry that a litigant must have an actual and personal interest in the litigation, and that after passage of Proposition 8 the proponents thereof lost their claim to such an interest, the US Supreme Court (ruling along pre-conceived ideological lines) held that the Appellants in this very important case simply had […]

Supreme Court rules police can take DNA swabs from those arrested

This ruling resolves an important controversy, and whether the outcome is something you agree with, it is clear that the issue is one which does not fit into squarely liberal or conservative ideology. Noteworthy is that Justice Antonin Scalia, a strict constructionist strongly identified with the conservative members of the Court, joined with three of […]

Florida Gov. Scott vetoes bill that would end permanent alimony in state

UPDATE ON PREVIOUS STORY: Citing several issues causing him concern, Floriday Gov. Rick Scott vetoes recently passed legislation affecting Florida Family Law litigants. Click here to read the full article…

Florida lawmakers move to end permanent alimony, as governor weighs legislation

In Florida today, that State is considering whether to fundamentally alter some long-standing public policies. It will be interesting to watch and see how far this movement goes. In California today, Spousal Support is first considered on a temporary basis according to a mathematical formula and then on a permanent basis according to Family Code […]

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