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How Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You in Court

Why You Should Consider Postponing Your Status Updates

Social media tempts users to delve into the details of their personal lives. However, those going through a divorce must be careful not to divulge too much information. Anything they say, or write, rather, can be used against them in court.

Evidence for Court Decisions

Even if your posts are not explicitly about your relationship or impending divorce, they could be used in the courtroom. Your partner and their attorney may present the media as evidence to influence the judge’s decision on child custody, child support, and alimony. Posts showing partying, excessive drinking, or poor living conditions could be used as an attempt to paint you as an unfit parent in an attempt to gain primary custody.

Furthermore, your coparent could use your posts as evidence of your financial standing to fight for higher awards of child or spousal support. Posts about recent large purchases or getaways could contradict your courtroom claims that you can’t afford to provide too much support.

Social Media Tips as You Prepare for Your Divorce

You should consider taking a break from active social media use until after your divorce is settled. If you do choose to continue using your platforms, follow these tips:

  • Do not discuss the divorce
  • Do not post any pictures where you can be seen partying or using drugs
  • Do not post any pictures where you can be seen spending lavishly
  • Do not post anything you wouldn’t want your spouse’s attorney or the judge of your case to see
  • Wait until after the divorce to change your relationship status

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