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Stimulus check

Your Economic Stimulus Check, Kids & Child Support

You’ve read about your economic stimulus check but for some reason, questions keep coming up. Do college students get them? What if you owe child support, will you still receive your stimulus check? What if your spouse owes child support and you file your taxes jointly, will you kiss your stimulus check goodbye?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions parents keep asking about stimulus checks, kids, and child support.

How much can I expect? The stimulus checks are $1,200 per an adult or $2,400 for married couples that file jointly. For people with children, they will receive an additional $500 per a household for each child who is age 16 or younger.

Is there a limit for the number of children in a family? No, it doesn’t make a difference if you have two children or eight children. You will receive a check for each qualifying child who is under the age of 17.

Can I receive a check for foster or adopted children? Yes, absolutely. However, if you recently adopted your child and he or she doesn’t have a Social Security Number (SSN), you’ll have to provide an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number (ATIN).

Can I get a check for my college-age child? No.Let’s say your child is in college and you claimed him or her as a dependent on your taxes because you’re still supporting them. Even though you financially support your child, you cannot receive a check for him or her. Same goes for a high school junior or senior age 17 or older; you cannot receive a $500 check for them.

Can my college-age child receive their own check? If your college student is supporting themselves and you do not claim them as a dependent, they can get their own stimulus check. However, if you claim them as a dependent, they will not be eligible for a stimulus check.

What if I owe child support? If you owe back child support, your stimulus check may be reduced or you may not be eligible for one at all.

What if my spouse owes child support? If your spouse owes child support and you filed jointly on your taxes, your check could be seized due to your spouse’s child support arrears. However, if you filed an injured spouse claim in 2018 or 2019, you should receive your share of the check.