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Our Firm Remains Open During COVID-19

Currently, California is exercising a 'stay-at-home' mandate to combat the spread of COVID-19. This means that many businesses and services have closed their doors to the public. At this time, The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates remains open. However, to respect these orders, and to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff, we have proverbially closed our doors and will be conducting all consultations for new and existing clients via video conference and phone calls.

Emergency Hearings

The California court system is open, but only for emergency hearings. Cases that will be heard during an emergency hearing include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • domestic violence cases
  • restraining orders
  • child endangerment concerns (physical abuse, unsafe home environments, substance abuse, etc.)

We can help you file a request for an emergency hearing and get your case heard as quickly as possible.

Other Family Law Issues

While the court may not hear “non-emergency cases,” such as child custody issues concerning one parent not upholding their end of the agreement, we can still offer you legal advice on how you should proceed. We can also help you write a cease and desist letter if need be.

Additionally, our attorneys can:

  • negotiate temporary agreements;
  • review existing cases to identify legal issues and offer guidance on your next steps;
  • prepare litigation pleadings; and/or
  • mail litigation pleadings or hold them until the courts re-open.

If your circumstances require it, we can also contact a private judge to help pursue a formal resolution to these issues and more.

Focused On Resolving Your Family Law Case

The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates is here to help you during this trying time. Our attorneys offer compassionate legal guidance and advocacy to every client. We place the safety of our staff and clients above all else and will do everything we can to help solve your legal issue using the processes currently available to us.

To schedule your appointment, call our firm at (916) 299-3936 or contact us online today.